Official 2016 NYSFSC Film Selections

UPDATE 12/2/16:

New York Short Film Screenings
Romantic Realism: The Art of Roderick A. Wells (Best Documentary) 2:10pm + Q&A
Time Chicken 3:08pm + Q&A
Dance-A-Thon! by Abigail Loos 3:18pm + Q&A
Il était une foi les gens — Face to Faith 3:34pm + Q&A
The Sad Sea 3:40pm + Q&A
SHIFT 3:42pm + Q&A
Deja Vu 3:55pm
Cuerdas (first scene) 3:56pm
This Modern Man is Beat 4pm + Q&A
Happy Birthday Kevin 4:22pm + Q&A
Curse of War 4:24pm + Q&A
Umbrae 4:36pm + Q&A
The Sky Over Berlin 4:50pm
Beaten Dog 5pm
The Greatest Show on Earth 5:10pm + Q&A
Point Point “Life in Grey” 5:20pm + Q&A
A Ninth Life 5:34pm

Plus readings from our screenplay and teleplay winners, then brief awards ceremony to follow.

These are approx. screening times. Please arrive early for your screening.

  •  Each film project is granted One (1) free ticket to their film screening, Q&A and Awards Ceremony.

Not included: Access to all films being screened that day and remaining Filmmaker Q&A.

For this, you can upgrade to a festival pass.

Writers are invited to the Awards Ceremony. If they would like to view films, they can purchase a festival pass.

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Individual film screening tickets will be on sale at the door for $25 on a first-come-first-served basis. The only way to guarantee a seat is to purchase a festival pass.


We will be screening at the Jacob Kreuger Studio in Manhattan from 2-6PM on Saturday Dec. 3.

247 W. 35th St, 6th Flr New York, NY 10001


We are pleased to announce that some films will also screen the following day at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn on Sunday Dec. 4, 2016!

Check out for updates






Life in Grey

Category: Best Music Video


The song and title inspired me to create a narrative about the Y generation, about how people can become desperate about creating the perfect piece of work, the ultimate fulfillment in the eyes of others. The obsession of a promised, expected, fulfilling life. I like to think that this video is about how this generation has been told repeatedly by their parents how special of a person they are. I wanted to create a ridiculous, sadly desperate and manipulative character that would push this obsession to the limits, which is using death as an art performance in order to ultimately be respected in the eyes of others.

* Vimeo Staff Pick

* Featured on I-D

* Interview for Word is Cheap

  • Promonews


Written and directed by


Director of photography

Kristof Brandl


Vlad Cojocaru

Actors and dancers

Victoria Diamond, Amy Gardner, Jasmina Parent, Brittany Fine, Laurie-Ann Lauzon, Miranda Chan, Saskya Pauze-Begin, Sarah Steban, Catherine Dagenais-Savard, Shanie Blais


Vlad Cojocaru

Executive producers at Vision

Stacy Vaughan, Geoff Mclean

Executive producer at Antler

Sach Baylin-Stern

Video commissioner

Kevin Kloecker


Amy Gardner

Production manager

Max Walker

Steadicam operator

Hugo Longtin

1st AC

Anthony Hunneault


AJ Helie

Art director

Greg Nowak

Art directors assistants

Patrick Binette, Christian Beaudoin


Jessica La Blanche, Catherine Lemay

Production assistants

Stefan Petrisor, Alex Negru

Sound design, additional music

Nicolas Petitfrere

Editing, colors, VFX


Additional VFX, digital cleanup

Paul Laberge

Point Point management

Jordan Cardoso

Produced by

Antler Films, Vision Films


OWSLA + Record Record



Rod Wells: Romantic Realism

a Documentary by Chris Wells


‘Romantic Realism, The Art of Roderick A. Wells,’ a feature documentary shows the development of the art of Roderick Wells from childhood to his current age of 85. You will see different styles of art he explored to achieve his own unique personal style, along with the importance of Vermont landscape which he is known for. His work is beautiful, peaceful and is commonly referred to as “Romantic Realism.” See why. Produced and directed by his son Christopher Wells, a Brooklyn-based filmmaker.

Roderick Alexander Wells, Artist

As an artist, Rod Wells has established an expressive style that has grown from his one-person view of the world as he sees it.  His was a less-traveled path against the advice of early mentors to eliminate detail, and in the face of the widespread, lasting influence of abstract expressionism during his career as an artist.  

An original by nature, he was an early proponent of today’s advice to young artists:  Be who you are, dig down and find what moves you.  Drawn to painting at an early age, he used family members as models, set up still-life arrangements in the living room translating what he saw around him into art.  In Montclair, New Jersey’s High School, he was the student who could and would do murals – large ones on the walls of the cafeteria.  Constantly working as an artist, he refined his eye winning a scholarship to the Art Students League in Manhattan.

Despite growing artistic prowess, a daunting question began to haunt his dreams of self-expression:  How can I make a life from this?  

A partial answer appeared when he enlisted in the U.S. Navy serving for three years during the Korean War.  Stationed on the Midway aircraft carrier that patrolled the Mediterranean Sea, shore leave allowed access to the museums of Spain, Italy and France.  An unintended benefit, he received an essential first-hand education in art and art history in the great museums of the world.  The sought-after benefit of his service came through eligibility for higher education through the G.I. Bill of Rights.

He enrolled in Teachers College at Columbia University in preparation for a career as an art teacher. 

Becoming an art teacher, then chair of the Art Department at Locust Valley High School in NY, made the dream of a regular life possible.  Inspired by his primary desire to produce art, his broad interest in fine and applied art, and art history, the department significantly expanded its offerings to students in the community during his years of tenure.  It also meant that summers could be a time for his ongoing development as a fine artist.

Christopher Wells’ full-length documentary, “Romantic Realism, The Art of Roderick A. Wells,” captures his father’s art-full career through the eyes of a true admirer.  He recounts numerous museum visits with Rod as some of the best moments in his life due to his rare ability to share his knowledge of and deep passion for art.  

Christopher T. Wells, Video & Filmmaker, Photographer

Having lived with his father’s art on the walls of their family home in Glen Cove, NY, Chris was influenced by the work by starting to understand where the eye line goes throughout a painting.  It provided him with a fundamental understanding of a shot, including the use of positive and negative space to apply to his own work as a photographer and video artist.

As a young adult visiting his father in St. Johnsbury, VT, Chris borrowed Rod’s camera taking it for a shoot of the area.  He returned with his first portfolio of photographs, a series of black and white images, later winning an award at a Salmagundi Club exhibit in NYC.  His work was also showcased at the Heckscher Museum and various galleries on Long Island, New York.

Chris began writing, directing and acting in his own short films.  He attended the School of Visual Arts where he received recognition for a video he produced which was submitted to the Partnership for a Drug-Free America and shown nationwide.

After interning at the Cinema Arts Center in Huntington, Long Island, NY, he joined Cablevision where he worked as a director/producer.  Determined to become an independent filmmaker, he formed Kaleidoscope Pictures, Inc. in 2003, as a production company specializing in video and photography.   Clients included Tom Shoes, Pepperidge Farm and Sirius Satellite Radio among others.  In addition, Chris shot Fashion Week for five years covering such designers as Betsy Johnson, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger and other top designers.  

For “Romantic Realism, the Art of Roderick A. Wells,” the defining principle was to keep it simple yet beautiful.   Producer-director Wells allowed the people on camera to talk choosing to not over-direct.  Originally conceived of as a short film, the quality of the material captured lead it to blossom into a feature-length film.  Shot with a 12MM wide-angle lens, each shot is constructed with a subtle simplicity that works well with the subject matter.  The director knows when to restrain himself, to simply let things happen within a beautiful frame:  No unnecessary “B” roll was his directing technique.  Christopher believes that the art of the spoken word is lost.  In the increasing frenzy of technological advance, more than ever we need to slow down and listen.

Based in Brooklyn, NY, Kaleidoscope Pictures, Inc. is a production company offering 

photography and video services to corporate clients.  Filmmaking remains Chris’ passion with a particular affection for horror movies.  Having shot a trailer and opening scene recently in Lyndonville, VT for “The Luring,” a really dark and scary feature, he is currently raising money for that production.


The Greatest Show on Earth from Alyssa Lakota on Vimeo.

A Festival Favorite

The Greatest Show on Earth

Alyssa Lakota



Thus far, life has presented a very colorful palette! I ran away with the circus to Japan, danced in elephant dung (it helped with pirouettes), traveled several months to our National Parks collecting and documenting stories while camping and exploring everywhere visited. I was a high shooter with an M-16 rifle out of 175 people (and I don’t like guns). I took part in an Olympic Distance Triathlon to benefit people afflicted with Leukemia or Lymphoma, and I’m scared of water. I enjoy confronting my fears, living my dreams, and trusting that I will land on my feet – or my bum.  

As a little girl I wanted to be a veterinarian and a musician. I had a habit of bringing home every stray, injured wild animal, and sometimes someone’s pet because they looked sad and I thought they needed some extra attention.  

Currently, I am the Production Director and a DJ at THE POINT RADIO STATION where I have the pleasure of producing and editing commercials and public service announcements for broadcast. I picked up a VAB award for Best PSA – 911 Text Messaging Service for Verizon. You can check out my show from 3-7pm EST to listen live. You can stream online, too. In my own words, “Tune in. Tune out. Just don’t pass out.” 

I founded LAKOTA FILMS, LLC to provide a home for my independent creative work as well as to support the work of other artists. IT’S ALL RELATIVE screened at Woods Hole Film Festival in 2010. FREE TO GOOD HOME, a short doc

I worked as a Production Assistant on THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES as well as in their sound department, a wonderful film directed by Derek Cianfrance, starring Ryan Gosling, Bradley Cooper, and Eva Mendez. I worked as Assistant to Director, Rob Schmidt on THE ALPHABET KILLER starring Eliza Dushku and Timothy Hutton. Additionally, I was the Production Coordinator and Editor for Morphogenix, producing the PBS broadcast of REAL MOMS, REAL STORIES, REAL SAVVY and recipient of a Telly Award for FERTILE HOPE. I worked with several people as an Executive Assistant Floater at MTV NETWORKS to former Co-President and COO of Viacom International, Tom Freston; Former Chairman of MTVN, Herb Scannell; President of Network Development MTVN, John Sykes, COO of MTVN International, Alex Ferrari, and President of MTV, Christina Norman. And, I had the great fortune to be a Personal Assistant to KATHERINE HELMOND of Who’s the Boss, SOAP, Coach, and many other shows. 


Chris Parente




Tim Joy



– I grew up wanting to be a rock star. Playing music and listening to others play was my passion. Everything from Jazz, Classical, and Reggae; to Rock, Electronic, and Funk. Although I did lead a band for a few years, it was the audio engineering side of that excited me most. 

After high school I ventured to Hollywood and studied Music, Theater, and Audio Engineering. For six years, I served as studio tech and recording engineer for composer, Joel Goldsmith, most known for scoring the TV series, Stargate SG-1. Under his wing I honed my skills as recording engineer, composer, and computer tech.  

In 2001, I founded Projection Films and began making short films, working as a production sound mixer and boom operator, and flying model helicopters with cameras strapped to them. After relocating to Vermont in 2007 I have produced and directed over 15 short films, made dozens of videos, commercials, and graphic animations, while continuing to compose music and work as an audio engineer. 

As an amateur machinist and hobby inventor I enjoy designing and building new filmmaking tools and “flying cameras”. I created a 3-axis gyro-stabilized gimbal for aerial filming with an R/C helicopter, and have continually kept current with the exciting new filmmaking technology of the day.  



Curse of War



Brooklyn native, Sergeant James Powell (Ronald Graham) is a U.S. Marine suffering from symptoms of PTSD and struggling with his demons spawned from the gruesome atrocities he experienced during the war conflict in the Middle East. James seeks the professional psychological help of Dr. Dent (Sally Stewart), who does her best to help the psychologically devastated James during their frequent sessions as he continually recalls his war experiences in painful systematic detail. During this particular visit, James reveals a very tragic and disturbing detail about his experience in the war he’s never mentioned before to anyone, including Dr. Dent.

Frequently self-medicated with alcohol and prescription drugs, James lives alone, alienated from his family while utilizing voice recordings of his children as a source of comfort. During a cold winter’s day, James reminisces about his tumultuous relationship with his wife Sherri Powell (Famecia Ward) and their children David Powell (Omar Vincent) and Ali Powell (Kaya Slawecka). As James falls deeper into depression, he makes a decision to let it all go.


Abdul Malik Abbott


State Property, Streets is Watching, Who da’ Man

Abdul Malik Abbott


Streets is Watching, My Normal, State Property

Ronald Graham


Phillipa Davis


Ronald Graham


Ronald Graham

Key Cast

Sally Stewart

Key Cast


Director Biography

Raised in Harlem, New York, Abdul Malik Abbott attended the acclaimed High School of Music & Art as a painter and illustrator and grew up in the world of hip-hop. Wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps as a photographer and filmmaker, Abdul received his (film) Bachelor’s degree at the School of Visual Arts. He got his start in the biz working in the sound dept. on Spike Lee’s “Do The Right Thing” & “Mo’ Better Blues”, as well as “Def by Temptation”, “New Jack City” and 100’s of commercials, movie & TV projects.

Abdul earned his creative reputation first as a Music Video editor, then made his way up the ranks at the helm of music videos, directing many of Jay-Z’s first videos, including, “Ain’t No…” and “Dead Presidents”, both going to #1 on MTV and BET. Abdul directed, co-wrote & edited the Platinum-selling, music video-mini-movie starring Jay-Z entitled “Streets is Watching”. It earned a #1 slot in Billboard. Abdul directed the hip-hop infused gangster drama entitled “State Property” (Lionsgate), starring Beanie Sigel & Jay-Z. Soon after a brief theatrical release, the modestly budgeted movie was released on home video and DVD and rose to be the 10th top selling video in the U.S. on Videoscan & Billboard and has grossed over 12 million to date.

Abdul directed the first four episodes for a web series entitled “Who Da Man?” and co-wrote & Produced an independent feature film in entitled “My Normal”, (Wolfe Releasing).

Following his other passion, Music, Abdul also produces and composes songs for his music project B.O.S.S. and other artists under the stage name “DJ ABBY AB”. B.O.S.S has released their first EP “Tricky Kinda Love” and the tune “Major Love” was selected for the 2013 Grammy Nomination entry list for “Best R&B Performance” and their tune “”Me & You” was featured on the soundtrack for the movie “The Loft” (2015, Universal Pictures) Abdul recently received a 2015 Telly Award for the music video he directed for the spoken word collaboration with poet Yazmin Monét Watkins entitled “Grateful” and recently completed another music video with singer/songwriter Kia Muze – “Speaking My Language”.

Currently Mr. Abbott is in post-production on a documentary chronicling the rise and fall of the hip-hop mega-group Digital Underground as well as developing several feature films and TV shows. Abdul also works as a videographer for such networks as BET, TV One, E! and Centric, shooting entertainment news programs and docs. He also serves as A&E Co-chair of the DGA’s African American steering committee and for over 9 years has been instrumental in organizing informative film industry panels and major events honoring fellow DGA members.

Director Statement

As Director I found working on “Curse of War” less of a challenge and more of a privilege. I was proud to be able to work with an array of talented actors, especially the lead, Ronald Graham as “James Powell”, who had to carry the film as a character who shows no sign of joy, but, who is also is not an bad man, just a troubled man. My main goal was to tell a deeply dramatic story about a subject matter that is all too real for hundreds of people. It was also an honor to work with the dedicated Producer Phillipa Davis, who was instrumental in bringing the entire project together. Though a very small cast and crew, everyone brought their A-Game. I am especially proud to present to the world the two up and coming young actors, Kaya Slawecka as “Ali Powell” and Omar Dellimore as “David Powell”

Story-wise, I approached the sensitive subject matter with respect and focused on realistic situations, staying clear of common Military exploitations as well as making a point to not bash anything having to do with the religion of Islam.

Music played a large part in the project. Even though mostly subtle compositions, I worked tirelessly along side the composer Evan Eder to create a score that compliments the film and doesn’t distract the viewer. I also co-produced the theme song “Let it all go” for the movie with Evan and singer Natalieq who is the lead singer in my band B.O.S.S.




A young girl is exposed to her father’s drug addiction while on their drive around town.

  • Kristen Hester
  • Kristen Hester
  • Kristen Hester
  • Anna Granucci
  • Kyle Bowe
  • Elisabeth Hower
    Key Cast
    Louie, Suits, I Just Want My Pants Back


Director Biography

KRISTEN HESTER is a writer, director, and producer, currently working in television and film. This past year she was fortunate to shadow and assist AFI Alumni and Emmy Award-winning Director, Mimi Leder on HBO’s season two of The Leftovers.

She is currently writing and developing TV series, Detail Only with FilmNation, which explores our drug culture today as seen through the history and misbranding of wonder drug, Oxycotin in the late 90s, as well as an original series, ameriCON with Writer’s Boot Camp, depicting a dystopic classless society living in Central Park as they uprise against the final 1% in an alternate present day post-recession.

In 2014, Kristen produced short film, Becca and Molly, which premiered at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival, Short Film Corner and is currently screening at several festivals across the U.S. Her company, Hesterhouse Productions, was granted the story option to Kurt Vonnegut’s Long Walk to Forever, which she produced and is currently in post-production. Kristen also directed short film, Shift, an adaptation of her feature script, Daddy’s Girl, which she developed in Joan Scheckel’s Film Labs and was a 2015 Sundance Screenwriter Lab Final Rounder.

From 2012 to 2014, she developed and produced Bruce Dern’s 1980’s punk coming-of-age film, Coast, under his newly formed production company, Publicly Private, set to go into production late 2016. She also wrapped her directorial music video debut, 12th & Gibson, written by No. 1 ASCAP singer/songwriter, Lance Carpenter, currently trending at fourteen thousand followers on YouTube.

Other directing, producing, and writing credits include: creating her first sitcom pilot, Served, with the mentorship of 30 Rock Director/Producer Don Scardino; produced short film, The Dress, which won 2011 Best Ensemble at the Los Angeles Comedy Festival; writing and directing short film, Seeking Voices; and producing Off-Broadway rendition of Chekhov’s, The Seagull.

Prior to filmmaking, Kristen served ten plus years in the Finance industry, primarily as a Financial Controller. Kristen has liaised her knowledge of business with her passion for the arts.

Director Statement

SHIFT explores addiction through family, choice, and the human spirit. As a daughter and sister of an addict, I have experienced great travesty and loss, but have also learned a great deal of compassion for this human experience. I was forced to open my eyes at a very young age to the reality of my father’s addiction. I experienced a shift of innocence, which was heartbreaking, but so full of love when I realized my father was an addict. My personal choices have strengthened the unique bond that I have with my father and my understanding of the disease. This is where the compassion lives. As a filmmaker, I made SHIFT to share my truth and inspire others to see addiction in another light.







In the post 911 world of cultural confusion and erroneous judgment, Habib bin Habib al Fulan tries to pawn his last possession and reconcile with his wife.


Alex Merkin



David J Schroeder


55 Best screenplay awards for 6 different scripts.

Fawzy Zablah


Film based on his Short Story

David J Schroeder


First Production

Jordi Vilasuso



Brad Greenquist





  • Raindance FF
    October 29, 2015
    World Premier


    Ninth Life

    by Pamela Preston



    A Festival Favorite

    The Sad Sea

    1 min.

    A natural and sober visual description about one of the most inspiring and enigmatic landscapes of the Earth. The sea becomes a symbol of the absolute, a dubious reality located on the threshold of reality and fantasy, between the conscious and the unconscious.


    • Javier Rodes Sillué
    • Oriol Rafel
      Key Cast


    Director Biography

    Javier Rodes is a creative producer from Mequinenza, Spain. He has dedicated the past several years to cinematographic production and culture management. He has developed his films in the field of documentary and fiction winning some national and international prizes. He is always looking for small stories to tell through any audiovisual format.


    Beaten Dog



    Category: Best Student Film

    In 1945, a German soldier Luther who gets pneumonia finds himself at the mercy of a mysterious man Otto after Luther returns home. With much power, Otto has made a deal with the soldiers family for wealth and fortune if they agree to murder this infectious soldier.

    In the face of strong attraction,threat , people’s shame and fear, Luther’s weak father Gustaf and his dumb mother Helga choose silent and suppress the truth. They decide to lock Luther in a storage room and give him less food and water every day. Although they cannot bear to kill Luther but they have to do it.

    As promise, Luther’s younger brother Tim can marry Otto’s daughter Dorren if they follow the deal with Otto. After Tim knows the truth, he faces the choice of Love and family affection. But Tim decides to save Luther’s life in final.

    Luther survived in the wild, but he can’t go back to home forever.


    HanYang Huang


    Jean Gross Tolstikov


    Mimi Zhang


    Bernard Galane

    Key Cast


    Director Biography

    HanYang Huang born in Shanghai China in 1992. He begins his career as film student in Shanghai Institute of Visual Art in 2010. After graduated in university, he comes to U.S and starts his 2 years filmmaking course in New York Film Academy. In the first year, he directed some short films such as The last birthday, Hunger which produced in New York Film Academy. In the end of the first year, he produced and directed his intermediate film Beaten Dog. This WWII film shows good and bad qualities of humanity. Right now he is working on his thesis film.

    Right now he is working on his thesis film. It’s also a film about WWII.

    Director Statement

    I always want to make some powerful films. And I’d like to shows people’s human nature. What’s story can be powerful and shows people’s human nature? I think about this idea for long time. But finally I decide to make a story base on the WW2.

    That’s the short film ‘ Beaten Dog ‘.

    First of all, I am interested in history ever since I was a kid. I have dreamt to be a history scholar when I was in high school. But it is hard to find a job to afford your live as a history scholar in China. Thus, I gave up my dream to be a history scholar. However, I didn’t stop studying history by myself until now. That’s why I want to shoot a film based on history background.

    Secondly, the World War II is the most miserable part in the whole human history. I believe that humanity can be extremely exposed during the war period. I want to show how people will behave when they are in such special situation.

    Thirdly, I pretty treasure this chance to shoot a film with all foreign actors, which I can hardly be able to get when I get back to China.

    Last but not the least, I’ve seen so many films that describes situation between the armies and stories happen in the war. But I interest to focus on the normal family or normal person.

    So that’s the reason why I want to make ‘ Beaten Dog ‘.




    The sky over Berlin of my childhood

    Experimental, Foreign


    This is a film about lost children in a strange place. Three boys jump from zone to zone using a teleportation box. They don’t look for happiness, love, or meaning, they simply run impulsively through spaces.

    “THE SKY OVER BERLIN OF MY CHILDHOOD” is a metaphor of the lost generation born in the post Soviet area between 1980-1990. The images of the film are memories of the young people who passed through the collapse of the empire.



    Bakhtiyar Islamov


    Bakhtiyar Islamov


    Daria Korneeva


    Mamirzhan Kurbanov

    Key Cast

    Artem Kaziev

    Key Cast

    Yadikar Islamov

    Key Cast

    Bakhtiyar Islamov

    Director of photography

    Manny Cooper

    Sound director


    • 12th Harlem International Film Festival
      New York City
      United States
      September 15, 2016
      New York Premiere
      Best Experimental Film
    • 17th Moondance International Film Festival
      Boulder, Colorado, USA
      September 5, 2016
      USA premiere
      Best Short Film
    • Los Angeles World International Film Festival
      Los Angeles
      United States
      October 17, 2016
      Best Experimental film
    • 12th BLOW-UP Arthouse Film Festival
      Chicago, Illinois, USA
      November 6, 2016
      Illinois premiere
    • The Newark International Film Festival
      Newark, New Jersey, USA
      September 9, 2016
      East coast premiere
      Official selection
    • 16th Annual Valley Film Testival
      Los Angeles, California, USA
      September 29, 2016
      Los Angeles premiere
      Official selection
    • 15th Great Lakes International Film Festival 
      United States

    Cuerdas from Cuerdas on Vimeo.





    Category: Best First Scene

    María’s routine at school is altered by the arrival of a very special child. Soon, they become close friends.


    Pedro Solís García


    Pedro Solís GAr´cia


    Nicolás Matji


    Belén Rueda (teacher)

    Key Cast

    Miriam Martín (María)

    Key Cast

    David Ordieres


    Juan Jesús García Galocha

    Artistic Director

    Juan Solís

    Charcters design


    PEDRO SOLÍS (Barcelona, SPAIN, 10/15/1968) comes from the video game world, in which he has developed different tasks. He has worked from 3D Artist to co-producer on several titles for PC and consoles. He has participated as a 3D Artist in the animated shorts “Tadeo Jones” and “Tadeo Jones and the Temple of Doom”.

    With “The Bruxa”, his first film as director and screenwriter, he was awarded with the 2011 Goya Award for The Best Animated Short Film and some other important prizes. “The Adventures of Tad Jones” was performed in 2012, film in which he worked as a Director of Production.

    Now, he is working in two films as Director of Production, the space fantasy adventure “Capture the Flag” and the second installment to 2012’s “Tad, the Lost Explorer.” Both pictures will be worldwide distributed by Paramount Pictures.

    “Strings” is his second short film as a scriptwriter and director.


    Trailer IEULG from Atalahalta on Vimeo.

    Il était une foi les gens — Face to Faith

    Web Series


    Category: Best Web Series

    « Il était une foi les gens » c’est une minute de réponses aux grandes questions de la vie par des gens de 7 à 100 ans!

    La capsule « Il était une foi les gens » souhaite donner la parole à Madame et Monsieur tout le monde en fin d’émission. Elle sera composée essentiellement de petites interviews tournées à Genève, à la rencontre des gens de tous âges (enfants, adolescents, adultes et personnes âgées) et de toutes convictions, pour découvrir leurs réponses spontanées aux questions existentielles.

    “Il était une fois les gens” is a minute-long video clip of answers to the big questions in life by people aged between 7 and 100!

    “Il était une fois les gens” wants to grant everyone the chance to speak. It will consist mainly of short interviews recorded in Geneva with people of all ages (children, teenagers, adults and seniors) and beliefs in order to know their spontaneous answer to existential questions.


    Carolina Costa


    Carolina Costa


    Atalahalta Productions (Ataprod)


    Here are the links to watch three episodes of the web documentary « Face to Faith » subtitled in English.




    Good viewing

    Best regards

    Victor Costa

    Director Biography

    Portrait imago

    Carolina Costa currently works as producer, comedy actress and press agent for Atalahalta Productions in Geneva. She produces, among others, the TV-WEB series “Bienvenue Chez Nous” (Welcome to our home), “Ma femme est Pasteur” (My wife is a pastor) and “Il était une fois les gens” (Face to Faith).

    She’s also a pastor of the Protestant Church of Geneva @LeLAB for young adults at the Plainpalais Church and has written a gamebook for couples “Marriage: on the way to adventure!” published in Switzerland and France.

    Carolina was born in the Principality of Monaco to an Italian father and Danish mother. She moved to Geneva at the age of 4 where she completed her education in this canton, including her studies at the Autonomous Faculty of Protestant Theology where she graduated in 2004. Once she obtained her master’s degree, she was selected to attend the singing school of Paris to improve her singing and acting skills. This is where she met Victor Costa with whom she started a romantic relationship which continues to this day and which gave rise to all the Atalahalta productions. In 2007, attracted again by the religious vocation, she interned at the Protestant Church of Geneva to become a pastor. For the first year she worked at the Saint-Pierre-Fusterie parish; the second year was full of changes and new discoveries at l’Espace Fusterie (the Fusterie Space), at the AJEG Youth Centre (Youth Centre of the Protestant Church of Geneva), with religious emissions on RTS (Swiss broadcasting company) and finally at the chaplaincy of the University Hospitals of Geneva. She has also served as pastor in the Servette-Vieusseux parish and later in the Salève region. She is now a part-time pastor @LeLAB at the Plainpalais Church: a laboratory for young adults of up to about 40 to explore new ways of living one’s faith.


    Rome Web Awards

    Rome, Italy

    April 18, 2016

    Nominated Best Trailer / Best Cast, Character / Best Cinematography

    Best Trailer / Best Cast, Character / Best Cinematography

    Web Series Pilot & Short Compétion

    Nominated Best Idea in a Documentary

    Best Idea in a Documentary

    Sicily Web Fest

    Sicily, Italy

    August 26, 2016

    Official Selection

    KWEB Fest

    Seoul, Korea

    August 18, 2016

    Nominated Best Documentary / Best Teen Drama

    Berlin Web Fest

    Berlin, Germany

    September 9, 2016

    Nominated Non-Fiction

    Miami Web Fest

    Florida, United States

    September 29, 2016

    Official Selection

    NYC Web Fest

    New York, United States

    November 10, 2016


    Screen Shot 2016-11-18 at 3.45.32 PM.png




    In outer space, or under the sea. You can have fun, wherever U B!
    This is an animation of me and my friends going all over the world and even space, just having fun together.

    • Abigail Loos
    • Abigail Loos
    • Abigail Loos
      • Guild Hall Student Art Festival 2016
        East Hampton
        United States
        March 12, 2016
        Student Film Festival
        2nd place


    Director Biography

    She has lived her entire life in a small fishing Shack the Hampton’s of Long Island and has traveled all around the US. Her favorite place is right here on Long Island and Maine in the summer.

    She has been a homeschooler since Kindergarten.

    She loves creating films and animations with her friends during playdates and can sit for hours working on every little detail of the film.

    She would love to find a career in the field of film/animation/movies.

    Abigail was born very premie, and was not expected to survive. But proved to be strong and thrives… (we don’t like the term Special Needs but she has slight Spectrum Auditory Processing…issues from birth).

    But that doesn’t stop her from doing what she loves!



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